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10 Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

10 Wedding Reception Centerpiece Ideas

Hey brides! There are so many ideas out there for centerpiece ideas — it can be overwhelming! We put together a list of 10 Vivian Grace centerpiece ideas that will inspire you and hopefully help you decide on what you love for your special day. Take a look and let us know if we can help you make your day even more extraordinary!

Use a floral arrangement in one of our unique decorative boxes. Add candles + a little sparkle or pop of color with a square or circular table runner beneath it all.
You can’t go wrong with this classic look! Pick your favorite vase (we have many to choose from) in different finishes/colors. Take into consideration what the rest of your reception style is. Add candles around it for a little extra illumination!
These wood hexagon pieces add shape to your space! Whether you use them on every table or use a variation of 3 different centerpieces throughout your space - you will love this look paired with one of our small floral swags. Other VGC brides have picked the same collection they used for their flowers and some pick a different one - it all depends on the look + vibe you are wanting for your day.
Bud Flower and Vase Wedding Reception Decor
Oo la la! A pop of color with these unique vases + candle holders look lovely together! Taking 3 items to pair together is a great way to decorate long reception tables - you can do different combinations every few feet! We also like draping long table runners down the entire table - it really elevates the look of long tables!
We love this “Secret Garden” vibe - it’s whimsical and has details your guests will love! We have a variety of metal/tin pieces to integrate with our florals that have those gorgeous touches of pink + peach. Glass candle votives are a stunning addition!
Richly beautiful ~ our floral swags look gorgeous in the middle of each table. If you are looking for something more simple & elegant without height, you will love this look! The bronze candle holders add a little extra touch & glow to the floral swag. We have 19+ collections to choose from for your floral swag options!
Make a statement! The best part about these tall stands? You can see through them! Your guests won’t be moving your beautiful centerpiece out of the way to chat. Simply add one of our floral toppers to the top in your favorite Vivian Grace collection. Add candles to the bottom for a touch of elegance & glow!
Classy & elegant. Our Marie collection looks lovely in this vase. Add our bronze votives + a table runner. This combination looks lovely on every table OR use this in combination with tall stands in your reception room for a little more variety!
Looking for a dreamy rustic look? The Whitney collection pairs nicely with this wood centerpiece box + these amber colored candle votives. You can add a little extra greenery around the base too for that extra touch.
We love this dreamy boho look! If you don’t want florals, we have a variety of boho styled pampas grass that we can use on your tables like you see here. This dark wood angled lantern looks gorgeous with a candle inside + makes a lovely statement piece for each table!

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Finding the perfect decorations to match your Pinterest board can be frustrating as a DIY bride. Not to mention—trying to sell your wedding decorations afterwards can be even worse! Vivian Grace Creations has a variety of unique and in-trend wedding decor options for a small fraction of the cost of buying new.

Contact us if you need help deciding which decorations will best fit your needs. We'll be delighted to help you find items that will make your day extraordinary!

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