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About Us

Vivian Grace Creations

Susan Schilling

Founder and CEO

Susan Schilling

Owner / Lead Designer

Our Story

Welcome! I am Susan Schilling, Founder and Creative Director of Vivian Grace Creations. 

We are a Rent | Love | Return – Floral & Décor Business. Our business name holds great meaning to me as it is in memory of my mother, Vivian Grace, who passed away when I was very young. It’s my way of carrying on her name through the generations to come.

We specialize in creating wedding flower collections using high premium silk flowers and offering optional trendy wedding décor. We have provided full décor packages for our local brides since 2013, paying attention to every detail of our bride’s vision of their wedding day. Over the years, we have evolved from basic wedding décor to high-quality, elegant inventory that our brides love. With the help of a terrific design team, Vivian Grace Creations has grown to be a very well-known and successful décor business in my home state of Minnesota.

Bridal Floral & Décor Rental 

In 2017, we started creating and renting premium silk bridal bouquets to our local brides, and quickly realized this was something that was desired by many! It gave our bride’s a tremendous savings when using our rent and return system versus purchasing traditional flowers. Each wedding flower collection created is named after my daughters, daughter-in-law’s, granddaughters and the special women who have touched my life along the way.  

Our online décor rentals offer brides a few options for their wedding décor, from flower centerpieces, candle holders with battery operated candles, lanterns, and more. Whether you want a rustic or elegant look, Vivian Grace Creations would be glad to help with ideas with our décor.

Wedding Décor Packages 

Known for our professionalism and attention to details, we take pride in our work, knowing that many brides want their wedding to look and feel uniquely their own! Creating something extraordinary for you is our utmost priority. We offer options of ceiling draping, custom lighted backdrops, table linens, chair covers, floral centerpieces, unique décor and more!  With full décor packages, we’re passionate about taking care of all of the work so you can sit back and enjoy every aspect of your special day without the added stress!

Our Location 

Based in South Western Minnesota, our studio is located 2 miles south of Wanda, Minnesota. We are open by appointment only for décor package consultations.

At Vivian Grace Creations we take pride in knowing that our brides will choose the bridal floral line or wedding décor that helps make their big day even more extraordinary than it will already be!

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Whitney Jarmer
Creative Manager

Jamie Goblirsch
Marketing Manager

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