Vivian Grace Creations (Vivian Grace, LLC) – January 2023

By renting or purchasing with Vivian Grace Creations (Vivian Grace, LLC), the customer agrees that he/she understands and is accepting the following Terms and Conditions.


All rental items are rented for a period of five days, beginning with the chosen Rental Start Date and ending on the 5th day. The customer agrees to return all rental items within this time period to Vivian Grace Creations. Vivian Grace Creations may ship items to arrive 1-2 days earlier then the chosen rental start date, this does not affect the rental days. Return drop off date to designated shipping company still stays the same.


The customer hereby agrees to return the rented property and all original packaging materials to Vivian Grace, LLC using the provided prepaid postage label(s). The property must be returned to the determined shipping provider on the date posted (return date) in the rental instruction packet. If this day falls on a Sunday or Federal Holiday, return on the following day. A $25 late fee will be charged per day, if not returned to the determined shipping provider by the date/time agreed to herein. A $50 fee will be charged for each foam packaging insert not returned. Vivian Grace Creations is not responsible for any personal property unintentionally returned with rental property.

The customer hereby agrees that he/she pays for Outbound and Return shipping costs acquired for items. Customer confirms to allow Vivian Grace, LLC to charge credit card on file “if” there would be any additional shipping costs acquired before items can be shipped to customer for their designated delivery date.

Vivian Grace, LLC is not required to reimburse the customer return shipping cost if customer uses an alternative return shipping company.


All rental items are for up to a 5-day rental and must be picked up by Thursday between 8:30am and 4:30pm, no appointment necessary and returned by Monday between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm. Alternative date or time pickups may be accommodated based on circumstances but will not change the end date of the rental period. A $25 late fee will be charged per day, if not returned by the date/time agreed to herein.

Customer hereby agrees to have a large enough vehicle to load items and the proper protective items available to ensure items are transported carefully/safely along with enough people to load the heavy items.


By renting with Vivian Grace Creations (Vivian Grace, LLC), the customer agrees that he/she will handle the rental items with care throughout the event. The customer further agrees that the rented property shall [1] not be used beyond the intended capacity of the rental product; [2] not be used in any manner for which it was not designed for or designated to; [3] not be used near an open flame; [4] not be used in a negligent manner.


The customer hereby agrees that he/she shall fully indemnify Vivian Grace, LLC for any and all damage to or loss of the rented property. Insurance is built into the cost of each item in order to cover reasonable damages, including broken flowers, damaged petals, stains or other determined natural wear of the product. Insurance will not cover items damaged beyond repair or items NOT returned. The customer shall be responsible for the full value of items damaged beyond repair and/or unreturned items, estimated at 150% of the rental cost.

Example of fees: Boutonniere: $9, Corsage: $18, Bridesmaid Bouquet: $58.50

Customer agrees damage/non-returned item fees will be automatically charged to the credit card on file when the order is re-inventoried with Vivian Grace Creations.

Vivian Grace Creations (Vivian Grace, LLC) will not be held responsible for damages to personal property or nearby property directly or indirectly caused by Vivian Grace Creations items, including but not limited to dyes bleeding, clothing snags, tablecloth stains, or other personal injury.


Vivian Grace Creations requires a 90-day notice of order cancellation to receive a full refund of the 50% deposit initially paid. If a full payment was initially paid, 50% will be refunded and 50% is forfeited. Orders cancelled less than 90 days before the chosen delivery date will forfeit the 50% deposit. Cancellations must be submitted via email to [email protected]


Change order requests made within 30 days of the delivery date will be accepted based on availability. Exchanges must be at equal or greater value with no cancellations of individual items allowed within 30 days prior to delivery date. Submit change order requests via email to [email protected]


The customer agrees that if the original Rental Start Date changes, all booked items will be transferred to the new delivery date contingent on item availability. Contact us ASAP with the new Rental Start Date via email at [email protected]

Shipping anywhere in the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii
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