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7 Ideas for a Unique Wedding Reception

Make Your Reception Memorable

We've decorated a wedding reception or two throughout the years. Each one brings something new and exciting to the table, but the ones that stick with us the most are the ones with personalized and special touches sprinkled here and there which makes the night truly unique. Doing something thoughtful at your reception resonates with your guests and sets your wedding apart from the rest. So, what are some of the genius ideas we've seen over the years? We've narrowed it down to the top seven:

Chemistry Themed Wedding Table Card

1. Choosing a Theme with a Special Meaning

Do you and your fiancé share a special interest or enjoy the same hobby? Perhaps you love watching "The Office" or you go on an ice fishing trip every winter. Narrowing down a theme that is unique to the two of you will bring so much meaning and joy to the day. For one wedding in particular, we helped a couple's vision of a chemistry-themed reception come to life.

Guest Table Birthday Boy Sign

2. Adding a Personalized Message on Guest Tables

There are pros and cons to assigned seating. One positive we've seen is utilizing your seating chart to personalize your guest tables with special signs or notes. Does one of your guests have a birthday? Maybe you want to recognize your grandparents as "Bride's Biggest Inspiration" and "Groom's Biggest Hero". Create a custom sign and place it by their seat so that they know you took time to think of them specifically.

Guest Table Wedding Photo
Heather Glenn Photography

3. Taking a Photo with Each Guest Table

A new trend has emerged, and it's squeezing in a photo with every guest at your wedding. How is this even possible? Some couples take a photo with each table right before the table's turn to go through the buffet line, and some make a game of it and try to make it around to every table in under 10 minutes, as recommended by photographer Rachel Lahlum in her blog post "Wedding Reception Games". Whichever method you choose, it might just end up being your favorite part of the night.

Wedding Advice and Wishes
Heather Glenn Photography

4. Asking Your Guests to Write You Advice

You've seen this one before, but you will likely learn a lot from having your loved ones give you advice on your big day. Reading your grandparent's tricks to a life-long marriage and your 3-year-old niece's expert love advice will fill your heart with joy in so many ways and bring a smile to your face, even on the tough days.

Floral Animal Skull Decor

5. Creating a Memorable Backdrop

Incorporating a meaningful object into your head table backdrop will grab your guests' attention and start conversation. Unfortunately, your guests won't remember most of the little details of your day nor the decor around your venue, but they will remember your backdrop—especially if you make it a focal point.

Puzzle Guest Book Idea
Samantha Solmonson Photography

6. Having a Non-Traditional Guest Book

You'll hear it from us, and you'll hear it from everyone else—no one looks through their wedding guest book to reminisce on their wedding day; realistically, it gets shoved to the bottom of your wedding memory box goes untouched for years on end. Instead of a book with basic signatures, think of a fun way to display your guests' signatures. Think of something you'll be happy to bring home afterwards, whether it be home decor or a puzzle that you can put back together someday.

Wedding Couple First Dance
Tomi Dawn Photography

7. Doing Your First Dance at the Beginning of Your Reception

It may seem backwards, but having your first dance as a married couple upon your arrival to your reception is a game changer. At this time, everyone is more attentive and the atmosphere is so lively that you will be able to feel the love and support radiating around you. However, if your introvert tendencies are dreading the "all-eyes-on-me" part of the experience, you might opt out of this idea.

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