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Clara Yvonne

clara yvonne

There are weddings…and then there are weddings. The Clara Yvonne collection is for the latter. When there’s simply no substitute for a classic theme that’s tried and true, there’s Clara Yvonne.

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Wedding bells and waltzes in ballrooms share the spirit of the Clara Yvonne collection. A color scheme headlined by beautiful burgundy, pink, and white flowers makes this ensemble the top choice for the most romantic and heart-stopping affairs. Let the flash bulbs pop when the bride walks down the aisle with Clara Yvonne in hand. Luscious burgundy and ethereal pink make for a stirring contrast against a bed of soft white flowers.

Some romances are meant to be sung from the balcony. Some weddings are meant for Clara Yvonne.

Shipping anywhere in the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii
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