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Taylor Lynn

taylor lynn

Your wedding will become the epitome of an ever-lasting mystical adventure with the Taylor Lynn collection. For the free-spirited and adventure-seeking couple, look no further.

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Purple Wildflower Wedding Bouquet

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Taylor Lynn in #RealVGCWeddings

Taylor Lynn's masterful color scheme captures both the wild nature of an enchanted forest and the romantic elegance of a royal event. Beautiful hues of purple allium, lavender, purple eucalyptus coordinate nicely with lambs ear. Brides can't get enough of this color palette and whimsical look!

Every wedding party deserves to stand out. With the Taylor Lynn collection, you will do just that and more. With an unforgettable, unique presence that will transform any setting into an enchanted wonderland, Taylor Lynn patiently awaits meeting you.

Shipping anywhere in the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii
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