Kimberly Thistle Standard Flower Topper

Available : 6

The Kimberly Thistle Flower Topper is made of a variety of lushes greenery. It is a very versatile centerpiece that can be used in the aisle of the ceremony, sitting on a stand and beautiful on a gold trumpet vase. 

The standard flower topper is the most versatile centerpiece that we have available for the wedding ceremony or reception. It can be placed on the ground or floor in the aisle, on a stand or tall vase for the ceremony. For a grander look on the round guest tables, the flower topper can lay flat on the table, sit in an 8" diameter vase or on a medium to tall stand. The topper measures approximately 20" diameter with a moderate height of 10-12”, low enough for your guests to see family or friends across the table.

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Shipping anywhere in the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii
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